Online Yoga in 2021

Although possibly frustrating for some pupils online sessions have proved popular with the majority of students. A positive outcome of online tuition is the ability to reach a wider audience.

Life – An Inside Job podcast

Podcast interview (excerpt) John Stirk, discussing 'Inside Consciousness' with writer, mentor & presenter of 'Life - An Inside Job' Kate Codrington.

Deeper Still

John Stirk's latest book release "Deeper Still" is set to be published in early 2021. In this book John asks - 'How can you delve more deeply to release the power of your inner teacher?' - Find out more...

Freedom to Fly – An Experience

Yoga practice suggests the possibility of (more) freedom from our conditioned selves. Our experience along the way may be varied, profound or even exceptional.  It seems to me that the ultimate freedom invites us to fly (internally) and that…