Teachers Course :
‘What Lies Beneath’ 2022

The WLB course 2022 can be attended  live or online and each course stands alone. There will be no streaming.  The  courses are open ended and the benefits  are accumulative session to session. Consequently the intensity and approach of each three weekend course is more than adequate to produce a depth and understanding that informs practice and teaching.

However  some participants may wish to attend both the live and online sessions to maximise the impact of the work.

WLB – 2022 dates:

Live course:   February 25/26    March 25/26     April 28/29
Online course:    January 28/29     March 11/12      April 8/9

Each weekend covers Friday evening 6.00 – 9.00 pm & Saturday 10.00 am – 3.30 pm. Please contact John for more details.

WLB – A course for Yoga teachers with John Stirk

This course for teachers aims to deepen, open and broaden the Yoga experience by inviting participants to sink beneath existing information and practical application. The work undertaken will be experimental and interactive both on and off the mat and will focus on drawing out the deeper practitioner and teacher in all of us.

The course will not provide a fixed formula. As we proceed we will highlight the various aspects of practice and teaching as they arise. These aspects will include feelings, observations & insights relating to:

  • Eastern and Western approaches
  • The question of self
  • The Ego, identity and identification
  • Impediments to understanding – conditioning and habit
  • The thinking and feeling mind – intelligence and living tissue
  • Consciousness and it’s expansion
  • Tension and resistance in the body/mind
  • Love, fear, vulnerability and relationship
  • Teaching the un-teachable, communication and transference, language, voice and touch

All anatomical and bio-mechanical aspects will be addressed as they arise.

Some research relating to the nature and content of the course will be expected between workshops.

Weekly Classes | Monthly Workshops

Forthcoming Classes

Weekly Class:
Tuesdays 10am-11.30am – Online during 2021

Yoga sessions will be held online throughout 2021.

Monthly workshops – (online)
Tuesday evenings: 7-9pm

• August 10th 2021
• September 14th 2021
• October 12th 2021
• November 16th 2021
• December 14th 2021

Contact John for further information of how to join online.

Tel: 01323 422049    Email: johnlstirk@gmail.com

I have been a student of John’s for over 25 years and I am still enthralled by his ongoing development and depth of knowledge.  His unique style of teaching combines a deep understanding of yoga and wealth of experience. Each class is a journey of discovery, engaging with the inherent intelligence of the body and encouraging its powers of self-healing.

John Stirk’s unique approach and brilliant presentation has delighted and captivated my students and fellow yoga teachers for many years.  Always touching upon what is universal in the practice, he brings something for everyone, from seasoned practitioners to beginners. He has an uncanny ability to take us directly to the heart of the matter and hold us in its depth.  A true master.  Working with John for the past 26 years has been an education, inspiration and a joy.

As a teacher training young actors and dancers I have found Johns work  invaluable in providing a unique insight into the inner mechanics of the body supporting both vocal and physical development. The work is an original and detailed biomechanical approach to the human organism, it is inherently inclusive, everyone is able to do the simple positions. An essential tool for anyone involved in movement training.

Thank you so much for being there for us, for guiding us through two intense sessions and for being such a fantastic ‘Yoga teacher’ and psychotherapist.

It amazes me time and again how you find the right words to communicate at such a depth – with us as a group and equally as individuals – to convey your wisdom.

There is nowhere else I would have rather been than on the mat in Notting Hill during Friday evening and yesterday!

John’s work has enabled me to gain knowledge of the highest level about the workings of my body and my mind (the body brain).  If you were born with a constant hunger to express and explore the physical self(as I was) , you will never be satisfied with a method.  His way of working, which is not only creative, unique, challenging and healing, is also richly infused with anatomical detail, allowing me to access the deepest tissue layers of my body and thus metamorphose into a more fearless dancing creature.